Retreats for Secular Clergy

Dates in 2019

20-24 May 2019
18-22 November 2019

The retreats begin at 5.00 pm on the first day and end at 2.00 pm on the final day.


The fee for each retreat is £300. We request that this amount be paid by each participant even if he does not attend the full retreat. You are asked to bring an alb. It is the policy of Wickenden Manor that no-one should ever be discouraged from attending an activity because of difficulty in making payment. If you are unable to pay the full cost, feel free to let the retreat organiser know in advance, with a brief reason, indicating the amount you would be able to pay.

Optional contributions over and above the cost of the retreat for the upkeep of the Conference Centre are always very welcome and may be made payable to Wickenden Manor and given to the retreat organiser or sent to the address shown below.

Other requirements

The Conference Centre can cater for special dietary requirements, allergies etc, as long as we know in advance. Please inform us when you make your application.

Further information

Click here to download an application form for the 2019 clergy retreats. Or click here to download a copy of the leaflet detailing all the clergy retreats in Wickenden Manor, Thornycroft Hall and Hazelwood House. 

Applications can also be made by contacting (email, telephone or writing):

Fr Bernard Marsh
8 Orme Court
London W2 4RL
020 7229 7574

Click to email Fr Bernard Marsh 

Dates for the clergy days of recollection in Elmore (8 Orme Court, London W2 4RL) can be downloaded here.